• I love Palladium
  • Margaret Östling

I love Palladium

White metal has become a very popular choice for wedding set designs. With the current and continuing volatility of the metals market however, the price of Platinum wedding bands is over-budget for many couples. But there is good news for Platinum lovers!  Palladium is a beautiful and elegant metal alternative to Platinum, at one third the cost.

Palladium is related to Platinum as one of the five 'Noble Metals' and it looks very similar in its whiteness.  It has a weight akin to white gold but it is much whiter and it will not tarnish like Silver.   Allergic reactions to Palladium are extremely rare.  Additionally, most Palladium used in jewelry today is mined in the USA under strictly controlled standards.  No "dirty" metal here! 

So, think about Palladium as a white metal choice.  I personally love working with Palladium.  I love the cool feel and its super-white color.  Any of my designs can be ordered in Palladium so please ask.  This lovely precious metal was named after Pallas Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, and is a wise choice!


A Palladium and Diamond Arc Wedding Set.

  • Margaret Östling